Furniture fabric is a decorative fabric, which can have a very different texture, composition or design. It has always had a significant application in furnishing any environment and adapted to the sensibility of the space itself. The progress of this industry significantly improved the quality of furniture fabrics. The composition of the materials, as well as the aesthetics, are very different, and therefore, any fabric is extremely applicable and can fit nicely into any room and satisfy everyone’s taste

We turn your ideas into reality thanks to the rich palette of colors, patterns and materials of furniture fabrics necessary for decorating all interiors


Furniture fabric – Perla

Furniture fabric – Filo

Furniture fabric – Pesca

Furniture fabric- Sibilo

Furniture fabric – Wool

Furniture fabric – Spark

Furniture fabric – Florence

Furniture fabric – Comfi

Furniture fabric – London

Furniture fabric- Fiore

Furniture fabric – Harmony

Furniture fabric – Massimo

Furniture fabric – Mia

Furniture fabric – Verona

Mebl štof - Azzaro

Furniture fabric – Azzaro


Furniture fabric – Milan


Furniture fabric – SR118


Furniture fabric – SR127


Furniture fabric – SR219

Mebl štof - French Velvet

Furniture fabric – French Velvet

Mebl štof - Tesla

Furniture fabric – Tesla


Furniture fabric – SR176


Furniture fabric – Roma


Furniture fabric – Paris


Furniture fabric – Antique

With us, you can find a colorful offer in which each customer will choose what best fits his ideas. We have different types and materials of furniture fabrics, such as: jacquards, chanels, printed materials, microfibers or plush, and all of them can be available in different weights and types of production. We have been present on the market for a long time and our main advantage is that we offer, in one place, absolutely everything you need, as far as the selection of adequate material is concerned. In addition, we are here as a support, because we have an expert team that can be at your service for all kinds of consultations and significant help in choosing the most adequate furniture fabric.
Numerous furniture fabrics are available, such as the beautiful Spark or relief Florence, classic models such as: Comfi, London, Harmony, Massimo, Verona, Azzaro, Milano, Roma, Paris, but also cheerful designs that exude freshness and ennoble any space. : Fiore, Mia, Velvet, Tesla, as classic models that never go out of fashion, like : Antique.

Our wide range includes just about everything needed from articles that are necessary for every upholstery workshop, and will also meet the high market standards in terms of quality, as well as the aesthetic requirements of all our clients. A large selection, in one place, is our main advantage, which leaves the possibility of choosing and which will turn your every wish into reality!