We always seek and find a way to be the best



Al-Nassaj factories are one of the most famous companies specializing in manufacturing and trading upholstery fabrics.

Al-Nassaj Furniture Fabrics Group aims to develop its teams by supporting and providing the teams with training workshops and educational seminars to hone their qualifications and raise their professional efficiency and the quality of their work on an ongoing basis.


We used to be a successful company “Syriatex” doo, and today we are an even more successful company “Al Nassaj”, which was founded in the mid-1990s in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Over time, it grew and developed into an important pillar in the textile industry: it opens a large textile factory in China, it is expanded with new buildings and halls equipped with the most modern machines, it supplies itself with the best raw materials and cooperates with the most experienced engineers, technicians and workers in order to produce the best product on textile market. In recent years, it has been breaking into the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa and opening numerous representative offices.


Our vision is to constantly set higher standards, both in the field of supply and business, and in the field of modern technological standards in accordance with the times to come.

The Al Nassaj company is dedicated to providing high quality products that meet world standards. The goals set by the professional and dedicated team of employees are very demanding – to satisfy the needs of all customers with good quality, continuity and delivery of our products, as well as constant innovation in textile production.

We always seek and find a way to be the best.


When originality mingles with sophistication, mastery of work unites with the latest production techniques, and when diversity meets consistent quality standards, know that you have reached the products of the Al-Nassaj Group of Upholstery Fabrics.

High production capacity is up to (40) million meters annually.
Different types of luxury fabrics & Suit different civilizations in the world.
Multiple textile products with unique qualitative designs.