We always seek and find a way to be the best



Al Nassaj is one of the leading companies in the textile industry engaged in the production and design of textile products and outdoor materials. Wholesale, retail, import and export of furniture fabrics, eco-leather and raw materials for furniture production are the main activity of the company Al Nassaj in Serbia, which is proudly a part of the big international company Nassaj Al Nassa Textile Group.


Al Nassaj company was founded in the mid-1990s in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Over time, it grew and developed into an important pillar in the textile industry: opens a large textile factory in China, it has been expanded with new buildings and halls equipped with modern machines, supplied with the best raw materials and collaborating with the most experienced engineers, technicians and workers to produce the best product on the textile market. In recent years, the company makes its way to the market in Europe, Asia and Africa opening its numerous representative offices.


Our vision is to continually set higher standards, both in terms of supply and operations, as well as in the field of modern technological standards in line with the time to come.

Al Nassaj company is dedicated to providing high quality products that meet international standards. The goals we set for ourselves as professional and dedicated team of employees are highly demanding in order to meet the needs of all customers with good quality, continuity and delivery of our products as well as creating an atmosphere of constant innovation in the production of textiles.

We always seek and find a way to be the best.